Day Care : Timings 8-30AM to 6-00PM which includes child care, potty training, daily bath, sponge bath, dietician food and provide dress (clothes in case of emergency) doctors check up monthly. Clean environment, well ventilated, clean beds, and bed covers and towels, soaps are provided for each child.

Preschool: 9AM – 12PM. We have transport service given up to 3 km from school (pick up and drop) child is taken care of food eating and table mannerisms along with education the Montessori way. We give free colouring books, colour pencils, erasers, and drawing sheets.

Nursery the child is taught to read and write their alphabets and form puzzles, phonetic sounds, cutting picture, naming lessons of fruits, vegetables, day of week, month, parts of the body, Domestic animals, wild animals, flowers, our helpers, our food, vehicles, our leaders, etc. Colouring, painting, craft work, preparing files for each child.

LKG: Forming three letter words through moveable alphabets, Forming sentences, A library for reading material, short story conversation, cursive writing, games, colouring painting and craft work. Forming bigger sentences, grammar for spoken English arithmetic with all the four operations, science, hindi, history, geog, kannada all the basics are taught through materials.

UKG (Senior KG): Enhancement for reading and writing. Materials are provided for all subjects. Notes and question and answers will be given to each child, jigsaw puzzles for each subject, opposites, pairing of colours, pairing activities, fill in the blank match the following, before and after. How many and how much? I Spy game.

Examinations held in 3 parts, monthly, half yearly and final. Report cards are issued after the final examination. We issue certificate for leaving school, good conduct, competitions and performances.