SunBeam is a Montessori school which includes, play home, Nursery, Activity centre, Day care centre, junior kg and senior kg. It is a school that cares for children’s personal attention stress of good habits, etiquettes, individual attention is given to each child. We have well-trained montessori teachers to help solve all the problems of a child. Children learning good virtues and developing good habits which is the first step of disciplined life style along with first step of education.

The school is colourful and has attractive pictures, that relates to the child’s mind which ensures the child to enjoy the play home. We also have attractive activities to help the child to acquire independence and perfect of daily living. We have activities to stimulate and train the senses of developing perception and refinement. To help the child become conscious of spoken language pronunciation, reading, writing and enrich vocabulary. We also have attractive activities such as reading , writing, rhymes, finger painting, singing, jigsaw puzzles, ball-pool, educative videos, video rhymes, craft work, yoga exercise, Bollywood dance, field tips, phonetic sounds, forming words through moveable alphabets. Activities for Arithmetic such as addition, subtraction multiplication division all through materials also banking and metric system.

We conduct birthday parties, fancy dress competitions, mock interviews, annual day, teachers day, children's day and Christmas parties are celebrated with great enthusiasm.